Education, Training, Workshops, Webinars

Sustainability of a destination, event or organization can be a tricky thing. Research has shown that education and training are the keys to successful program implementation.

Luckily, with a background in teaching and education for people with a variety of backgrounds, we have the tools to provide you the training you need to propel forward. Whether you are interested in a sustainability 101, 30-minute webinar, a doctoral level 2-day workshop or anything in-between, we develop programming tailored to suit your unique needs.

Examples of topics:

  • Hospitality/ Tourism Management
  • Marketing (Traditional and Social Media)
  • Job Hunting in the Hospitality, Tourism, Event, Public Assembly Facility Industries
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Ecotourism development
  • Revitalizing existing sustainability programs

Buy-in: It’s the hot topic of the day. How do you get your management staff, board, employees, attendees, clients, tourists engaged in your programs?