Organizational Strategy

Whether you are charting new territory in the development phase or modifying your existing path forward, we can provide you with the tools you need to reach your next destination. We have a number of different approaches that we utilize to aid in charting a course of action. We take a systems approach by combining case studies, academic research, situational assessment and collaborative stakeholder engagement to create the plan for you.

Joel Makower (2009) stated, “One of the big problems companies confront when they set out to devise, implement, and communicate their green [sustainability] strategy is that there is little agreement about what it means for a company to be seen as green [sustainable]” (p. 18).

Word Crafting

Defining terms is a critical step for every organization, as terms used impact program development and implementation. With only 10% of consumers trusting sustainability information from businesses and government organizations (Futerra Sustainability Communications, n.d.), cultivating trust and transparency are more important now than ever before. We start by clarifying and simplifying terms.


Sometimes when your head is 100% in the game, it can be difficult to step back and look at an action plan or existing program objectively. We have the ability to come in, connect with key stakeholders provide you with the information you need to move ahead.

Charting the Course

We work with you to craft a realistic plan and timeline. Tourism development, policy implementation and organizational change take time. We work with you to account for possible hills and bumps along the way.


We can provide support through the implementation process and can be a resource as you discover new territory along the way

Marketing tactics

Building and redefining a sustainability brand can be tough business. With so many communication outlets, it is more important than ever to have a clear marketing and social media plan for successful program implementation.

Sustainability Certifications

We are big fans of certifications and can help you acquire them. We also realize that certifications may not make sense in every scenario. We will help you to 1. decide if certifications are right for you, 2. if you do want to get certified, we will walk you through the available certifications and help you choose the best one/s for you, 3. we can help you to get certified.